Friday, April 24, 2015

Our Handmade Anniversary Gifts

Michael my husband and I love crafting and making things.  Often we have several projects going on at once. Creating is so therapeutic. We often are sitting at our craft table for hours in a meditative state working on our projects unaware of how much time has flown by. One of the great ways my husband and I bond is by making each other gifts for our wedding anniversary every year.  We aren't the typical kind of couple that likes to be strict about wedding traditions but we do love the traditional themes for wedding anniversary's.  Our 2nd year anniversary was on March 30th and he really surprised me with his talent! 

2 year anniversary gift by Michael that was cotton theme.  It is a koi fish made of cotton thread wrapped around nails he hammered into the wood.  He made me a koi fish because he had proposed to me over a koi fish pond in St. Louis.  I love it!

Here is what I made Michael for our 2 year cotton theme.  It is a cross stitch of the gazebo at The Clipper House Inn where we got married.  They make their own wine there and it was sooo delicious so I added a grapevine for their vineyard there.  I also added a piece of our mint green wedding cake because that was the best cake I have ever had!

 1st year anniversary gift from Michael paper themed.  I love the rolled pieces of paper with the negative space for our date.

Paper theme by me for our first year.  The strips of paper were for our streamers we had in our background at our wedding when we took our first dance together.  I can't wait to see what he makes me next year.  It's always a nice surprise.


  1. Oh my goodness - your gifts are amazing! You are both so creative. I adore your cross stitching. It is perfect!

    1. Thank you Em! I didn't realize how much patience goes into cross stitching it took a very long time for me to complete and lots of patience lol.