Friday, February 4, 2011

Rose Petal Heart Tutorial

 I was inspired by Stephanie Lynn's Rag ornament for christmas.  So I wanted to do a valentine theme with rose petals and a heart.


half circle foam
rose petals (I found a bag of 300 for a dollar at dollar tree)
eye pin wire

First you need to trace a heart shape on the top of the foam with a pen or knife.  Be careful if using a knife. always cut away from yourself.

Then you need to cut into the foam along the line going towards the middle and using a back and forth motion.

Then smooth edges with with knife going away from you and kind of using the blade to scrape the hard lines away.

I also scraped into the sides to give the heart a little point at the bottom.

Wipe heart clean with a paper towel and clean working area.

Next I used a little eyepin to gather the petal together.  You can use anything that is skinny and pointy.  A needle is too sharp so something a little more blunt.  So put your wire in the middle of the rose petal and fold it or gather it together to make a rose shape.

Hold the rose close to the bottom with wire inside and place a little glue at the bottom of the petal.  Then push the rose petal into foam ball at least 1/4 an inch with wire.  Remove wire.

I found it is better to start in the middle for me.  Keep repeating and keep the petals close enough so you cannot see the foam heart.

You can trim as you go to make the heart shape more distinct.

I worked to the top first.  Making sure to keep the heart shape at top with the petals. 

Then I worked in all the sides.

Okay so from here you can glue this onto a wreath or anything you like.  I am going to put a ribbon on it so that it can hang on the wall.

So I gathered a ribbon and put a pushpin through.  I bent the needle a little for more support and put superglue on the needle and at the bottom of the ribbon.

Then I pushed the needle through on the top of the heart all the way through in between some rose petals.

Okay now it's ready to hang!  I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial.  I will have more to come!



  1. Hello! I accidentally came across your blog and be pleasantly surprised. Interesting work.

  2. This is just what I was looking for! Thanks for the Tut!

  3. I love how you used rose petals! I'll have to check out the dollar store! Thanks for the idea!

  4. so cute!
    I am linking it on my FB............lovely!

  5. Great Idea! What size half circle did you use with 300 petals?

  6. I used the 4 inch half circle for this one. Thanks bunches

  7. Hi! This is such a fun project, and so thrifty too! I loved it so much that I just linked to it from my site here:

    Hope that's okay! Please let me know if I can link to other crafts of yours in the future.


  8. hello dear
    amei tudo em seu blog...
    estou te seguindo...
    beijos aqui do brasil