Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Mondays

Things that made me smile and entertained me today:

Snail Mail 
Snail mail is one my many favorite things to receive. :)

100 cool facts about the human body:  One of the many I found interesting!
Your nose can remember 50,000 different scents. While a bloodhound’s nose may be a million times more sensitive than a human’s, that doesn’t mean that the human sense of smell is useless. Humans can identify a wide variety of scents and many are strongly tied to memories.

A cocoon made from packing tape
A self supporting cocoon 117,000 feet and 100 pounds of tape visitors could climb in.

Heat Sensitive Wallpaper
Created by Shi Yuan has created a wallpaper that reacts to heat.
When the heat is turned up the flowers bloom!


  1. woah! that wallpaper is sooooo amazing!

  2. Isn't it? I want this in my future house!

  3. I added the Elephant Nest button to my blog!

  4. Lovin' the snail mail! Haha. Sooooo cute. Thanks for following my blog. :]
    - Annie