Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Cupcake Inspiration and Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how I made some of  my Valentine cupcakes:

First I will show you the Swirl Cupcake:

So after you have baked your cupcakes and they have cooled.  You get a good scoop of icing.  I used a butter knife very carefully and added a dollop of whipped cream cheese icing in the center of the cupcake.

Then I used the flat part of the butter knife to gently flatten the icing in a circular motion and turning the cupcake a little bit as I did.  I then gently smoothed the top by turning the cupcake and making sweeping motions with the knife one sweep at a time.  Looks pretty good!

Then I used a red Wilton ready to use icing tube with a small round nozzle tip I purchased in a set that was made to put right onto the icing tube by Wilton.  Starting in the center of the cupcake, make a swirl that goes evenly all around the white icing. 

Then take some White Pearl Nonpareils (edible looking beaded pearls) and carefully place them along the red swirl.

 Follow with the beads all the way to the end of the swirl.  Beautiful!

Next is the white and pink layered icing with white pearls cupcake.

Start with your white icing on top like the first cupcake and smooth it out.  Then I mixed some of my red Wilton icing with my white whipped and made a pretty pink.  Get a dollop of pink icing on a clean butter knife and flop it right in the middle of the white icing.

Now gently smooth the pink icing in a circular motion  with the flat part of your knife and sometimes moving the cupcake in a slow circular motion too.  Sometimes I go clockwise and then counterclockwise and that helps me get a pretty circle.  Keep going till you have a nice pink circle in the middle of the white.

Then place on your White Pearl Nonpareils on the pink part.

Okay last one is the pearl covered cupcake.  So simple and it tastes  sooooo good!  I actually just devoured this 1 minute ago.

 Start off with your white icing on your cupcake smoothed out like in the first step above.  Pour your White Pearl Nonpareils in a lid or plate.

Take your cupcake upside down and  gently lay the icing top into the bowl and rock the cupcake in a circular motion.  That will get a nice even coating of pearls.

You can then shape it with your fingers a little if it needs it and add a few pearls here and there if there are bald spots.  So simple and my favorite.

I went to the dollar store and found these cute cupcake boxes! They came 2 in a pack.  I gave some out as valentine gifts to my friends.  I love the see through windows and how the boxes display your cake like a work of art.
 Here are a few more of my cupcakes I made.  Hope they inspire you!

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Love the cupcake decorating and love the style of your blog!

  2. These are AMAZING and so is your blog. Please look at mine ( Thanks!