Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Valentine Gift Ideas for The Ladies

What do women want for Valentines day?  I have come up with my top 5 gifts that many woman would love to receive that are truly unique and amazing.

1.  Cook her a romantic meal at home.  Any guy can take a girl to any restaurant for Valentines Day.  It would mean sooo much more to have your undivided attention and a romantic meal with lit candles.  Also some added fresh flowers are a nice touch!

2.  A gift certificate for a massage.  Your woman has knots and stress she needs to let out!  Check around at your local message therapist locations.  Allot of them are having deals for Valentines day.  She will adore you for this one!

3.  Name a Star after your love.  That is one of the most romantic things  I have ever heard of!  You can go to Star Registry.  Your star will be copyrighted and you will be given a certificate of the coordinates and a detailed star chart with your star circled in red.

4.  Customized pop art of you lovely ladies face or of the two of you.  She would love to hang on her wall.  Jill Pearson turns your photo into a piece of art onto a canvas your choice of size.  Very unique gift! I love the colors she uses in her art pieces. Jill Pearson's Shop Here

5.  Personalized book necklace made by The Silver Diva.  This book is made of sterling silver and hand stamped.  The book comes with 3 pages including the title page.  You can have the book stamped with any saying you would like.  You can also add additional pages!  I love this gift! Shop here
Hope you enjoy my list of great Valentine gifts that I think are truly unique!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my little book!

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  3. I'm such a huge fan of yours! You have such great ideas~ Maybe I missed it, but where did you find the cute monogrammed tumbler? I must have one!

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